About Us

Equal Justice For All was founded on the principle that everyone should be able to afford quality legal representation at an affordable price.

When you become a member through your employer, Equal Justice For All will provide a Plan Attorney who is located in close proximity to you or your employer. Our Plan Attorneys are members of the Florida Bar contracted to perform services outlined in the policy providing professional legal services in the State of Florida.

Whether it’s a consultation, preparation of a will or a personal injury claim, our Plan Attorney will provide members with a broad coverage of legal services to protect assets and life savings for one low monthly cost.

It’s like having a legal team on-call to answer your questions. Equal Justice For All makes professional legal assistance affordable and easy – all for only $20 per month.  Don’t forfeit your right to the legal guidance and documents you need and deserve. Join Equal Justice for All today to:

Save hundreds of dollars on legal fees
Make timely and accurate decisions
React and respond quickly to improve outcomes
Reduce personal and family stress


Call us today to find out how your employees can benefit from a payroll-deduction member plan at no cost to the employer.


05.31.2012 Business Profile: The Florida Bar Rule 9 outlines the rules and regulations for legal services plans. Rule 9-1.2 states that the purpose of legal services plans is to allow every citizen access to the legal system. The Florida Bar

05.01.2010 Business Profile: Equal Justice for All Provides distinctive, cost-conscious alternative to local clients Jacksonville Resident News

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